Please enter your full name and position.

1. Please review the attached job description and any employee revisions. Make any additional changes and rate/score the employee’s performance on their key job duties below.

2a. List one goal you set during the evaluation period.

2b. Attainment of Goal #1

2c. List a second goal you set during the evaluation period.

2d. Attainment of Goal #2

2e. List a third goal you set during the evaluation period.

2f. Attainment of Goal #3

3a. Quantity of Work (the quantity of work produced and the promptness with which it was completed)

3b. Quality of Work (the ability displayed and accuracy of work produced, meeting company standards, neatness)

3c. Knowledge of Job (basic understanding of the tasks, software, and equipment necessary to do the job)

3d. Dependability (amount of supervision required, punctuality, and attendance)

3e. Teamwork (willingness to help, cooperativeness with co-workers and supervisors, ability to accept constructive criticism)

3f. Adherence to Policy (adherence to policies and procedures)

3g. Attitude (the demeanor used in dealings with customers, co-workers, and supervisors)

3h. Initiative (the degree to which an employee searches out new tasks and expands professional abilities)

4. Overall Rating

5. Recommendations for improvement/career development with necessary resources.

6. Provide three job goals.

7. General comments